Reasons Why We Hate The College Period

Students preparing for college assume that success will come quickly. But sometimes expectations don't fit with the reality. There are many reasons that students end up disliking college. Let's find out the most common reasons why students end up hating college period.

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Teachers may be unfathomable with their knowledge of what he’s teaching. But the students will be judged and marked by him. They are being forced to read and learn the things he will be teaching. Mostly, the students fall prey to it.

Classes are boring

Not every course students take in their higher education program can keep them on edge. Because of the general education format, students have the minimal choice among their courses resulting lack of interest. Hence, they find ongoing classes annoying.

Cost of the college fees

Students applying for the colleges commonly find out that the fees and the textbooks are costly, resulting in a step backward from using for higher education. Another reason for stepping a foot back is that students who are attending college or will attend college complain about the slow and confusing process of applying for finance.

Less conversation

While making new friends, we cant express ourselves as we have been doing with our old school friends. It is because we need to create our own identity in front of a new person. We don't talk much with college friends. Most of the time, we spend time in our classroom, either preparing our classwork or doing nothing.

Sharing out personal stuff

It's the most annoying stuff. If anyone stayed in a hostel, they can't even forget those memories. Sharing toilet to sharing our dresses is quite casual in college; though we know it's very much unhygienic, we still had to maintain the situations.

Money problem

Oh no! How come anyone forgets this? Its the biggest annoying thing that comes to our mind if we talk about our college life. Though our family always tried to give us enough money to make our life easier, we could not find a reason how the money went in the first three weeks and borrow money from the friend who still has money left.

Hiding your mobile phone

Without checking your phone for at least half an hour was sometimes like it makes you irritating. We always kept on checking our phone not only because to see messages or notification but also to check the time is left for the class session, isn't it true? To see an insufficient balance in our mobile had become our daily habit. Still, we can't say when and where we used to talk so much that we never left the balance that we can call anyone the next day. Thus we had to take our parent's phones still by hiding from them.

The pressure of horrible assignments!

Assignments of MBA, BBA, and other courses assume the shape of a demon. Nowadays, there are online assignment help services like MyAssignmentTutors.Com for helping millions of students with their galaxy of nerds. My Assignment Tutors provide assignment helps such as essays, case studies, reports, dissertations, white papers, and others on engineering, business, management, medical, nursing, psychology, programming as well as finance, cost, and others. Such online services were not present earlier period. It acts as a boon nowadays for college students, and assignments act as the demon for college students.

Probably we all had faced similar situations in our college life, but still, we can't forget those days we enjoyed a lot with our friends and made new friends still they remain a position in our life.