Personal Letter Format And Purpose

Purpose of letters

Letters, as we know, have higher values than text messages no matter how modern the world becomes and how much technology evolves. Lively letters are soup for the soul. Letters involve a high deal of expression of feelings, right words, warmest greetings and most importantly, correct format. The letter that is drafted and produced with all of these serves the absolute purpose of it’s being sent. Business or formal letters should be convincing while the informal letters must be touching.

Personal Letter Format

Letter writing is an art which not all can master. One should be expressive in writing such that feelings must ooze out via pens. But, everyone needs to send letters to their loved ones. Be it Christmas or Halloween, a wedding or a funeral and even when there is no occasion, and you want to send a letter to someone you love to make them feel good. Also, in modern times, not everyone has enough time to sit down and think and write letters to their people. Hence, we are your helping hand, at your service, to write to you, as you want, for your loved ones.


  • Address and Date

    The primary and foremost thing that one does while letter writing is putting the date and the own address. The date should be fully written in order as the month then the day of the month and then the year at last. For example, “August 24th, 2020”.

    The address should come as the house number, the street’s name and below that in the next line must be the pin code of the place.

    These two details seem simple but carry much importance. These let the receiver of the letter in what situations the sender has written the letter. Moreover, it can also be considered as evidence in future.

  • Greetings

    Leaving two lines of space after the date and the address respectively, one should greet the person to whom the letter is being directed. Greetings are meant not only to address a person politely but to alert the person while reading the letter too. It has psychological significance. There should be a respectful tone like, “respected grandfather” while addressing elders and a polite tone while addressing the young ones or friends like, “dear Martha”.

  • Introduction

    Post greetings, the matter of introduction comes in. The line next should be occupied with the beginning of the letter. In the introduction, first one should ask how the addressee must be doing in life and write about oneself too. Then the thing remains is to let the person know the purpose of writing the letter. In very comprehensive and simple words, the purpose should be mentioned.

  • Body of the letter

    It is the main part of the letter. Here one has to express what the purpose of writing the whole letter is. It should be written in simple language and clear meanings. A good body of a letter fulfils the whole process of communication. Here you express through words, all your feelings of grief, joys and worries with the reasons behind them.

  • Concluding the letter

    Right after the body of the letter is done, one is required to start concluding the letter from the very next line. The conclusion should sound like one is done with informing about the thing regarding which the letter was being sent. It should again be polite and humble.

  • Closing the letter

    Closing the letter is pretty easy. Leaving two lines of space, one should yet again greet and write one’s name below that. For example, “yours faithfully, (below that your name)”. Phrases like “yours loving” and “yours sincerely” to are generally used and appreciated.

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