How To Engage Mba Students In Marketing Classes?

The ultimate objective of engaging MBA students in marketing classes can be done by letting them involve in the marketing classes by numerous ways and means. The most significant procedure for letting them take up the course programme and to involve them in the classes is by making the course programme as interesting as possible for the students. This can be done by making the course programme more comfortable to take up.

Engage Mba Students

Design of the Curriculum

The actual course content, the syllabus of the curriculum as well the delivery schedules need to be customized as per the student capabilities and the student intake levels. There is no need for feeding them with too excess content in the short time duration as well there is no need for keeping the content too less. Just right level of content will make the students feel comfortable and will let them engage in the classes more efficiently.

Design of the curriculum

Content delivery design

The faculty taking up the teaching of the classes are expected to be not just proficient in the content; rather they need to be good in the delivery of the content as well. The manner of the delivery, the voice of the faculty, the tone of the faculty as well as the language, body language, gestures etc are expected to be as effective as possible so that the student can gain maximum benefit and he should understand the content being presented in the class.

Value addition through customizing the delivery plan

Synchronizing the language with the customs of the students as well with the native accent of the students present in the class will make the MBA students to be more receptive towards the classes being delivered. The next important part of the programme that will draw better engagement of the student is to enhance the value of the classes being delivered. This can be done by making the classes more and more practical oriented. Students can be made to participate in the live programmes of practice which are customized to understand the theories and management of the contemporary management concepts. Concepts need to include presentation of the marketing assignments, economics assignments and finance assignments as well to provide marketing student an all-round exposure of management. Additionally, you can simplify the conversion of documents and change PDF to PPT, making your content even more accessible and interactive. This feature can be particularly helpful when adding data and reports into your presentations, further enhancing the practical aspect of the classes, and engaging students with dynamic, visually appealing materials.

Integration of theory and practice with reality

When a student is allowed to practice the theories and practice taught in class by making them involved in the practical assignments, projects and seminars, he will develop better interest in the classes. Further the value addition to the language learning will also get improved, as the student starts learning and practicing things and concepts learnt in the classes.

Stimulating environment

It is also necessary to design the class room curriculum to be as stimulating as possible to the student. Students of marketing can be exposed to the games in the class room, which are customized to learn the ideas and practices of the marketing. The games need to be more and more stimulating, encouraging the participation of the students and should be customized to communicate the intended concept of the course.

Games and practical sessions

Games and practical sessions

Each of these practical sessions is expected to provide the necessary input to the student, which will later manifest in the form of a concept practice. A marketing student can be subjected to practical games and activities, including a game slide, that can allow them to plan and practice a marketing business strategy. Typically student can be allowed to practice integrated concepts from the supply chain management as well as from the marketing strategy game play. Capism, Forio, BSG games, Beach ball toss, back to back drawing, mixed picture puzzles, truth and lie games etc. Each of these practices will allow the student participation in the form of the simulating the real life scenarios. This way both the student presenting the concept as well the audience visualizing the presentation can be pulled-in to practice the concepts of the marketing.


The most important aspect to let the engagement of the students into the marketing classes is to provide them the necessary stimulating environment that can encourage the participation of both the physical and mental abilities to learn the concepts. The real life case studies and decision making practices will add value to the classes online. However still there is no substitute to the decent delivery plan of the course, well designed presentation with proficient and competent faculty for the class programmes. Only when there is such well structured programme it is possible to explore the best that can be learnt from class and of course student engagement can be efficient.