5 Tips That Improve Study Performance

Have you tried studying for hours? Yet, you see that you falter at your performance. It is in-deed difficult for a student to completely focus on studies despite so many distractions sur-rounding him or her. Therefore, one has to take positive steps, make a proper plan, and then start studying. Otherwise one tends to get distracted usually. Here, we have presented certain tips and tricks to study diligently that might help you.

Improve Study Performance

Set Targets

– You know how much you can study in a day, a week, and a month. You know how much syllabus is more to be covered, how many chapters you have left half-read, and of how many chapters you have not taken notes from class. So, get off that couch and start mak-ing a proper schedule. Make a schedule for the next day and decide on an important chapter to finish on. Gather all the class notes from friends that you would need for it today and clean up your study table. Divide the chapters into small sections and set time limits for each of the sections. Bit by bit, it will get finished, and you won't even realize.

Make Notes in Your Way

– Does it happen to you that you try to learn from readymade notes but they are not effective enough for you? On the other hand, your handwritten notes sink in your mind better. This happens because of the comfort zone. Students should develop their way of making notes. Making notes also helps you retain more of what you have studied and organizes the big assignments into lesser pages. Try to highlight different sections of the chapter in different colors or use colorful pens. It creates a picture of the text in the mind, and hence you remember stuff for longer.

Take Breaks

– studying for long hours is okay but doing so at one stretch is wrong. It's bad for the health of the body as well as the mind. One needs to take breaks, to recharge the body. Take a fifteen to twenty minutes break and go for a short stroll outside the house or eat a little snack. Exercising is the best thing to do during breaks because that energizes and ex-cites your body to work, and your mind works faster. You should avoid eating to stomach full of food to evade dozing while studying and not to listen to music else the lyrics keep coming to your mind while studying.

Focus On Understanding

– students often tend to mug up theory instead of understanding it in depth. There, the whole purpose of studying that subject is gone. There are still, some students who focus on understanding the text first that helps them get better. When just memorized by mugging up, the brain does not retain the script for a longer time. Moreover, during exams, you might falter at answering a question, pointwise. When you read, under-stand, and reread writing, you are bound to remember it for longer. Hence, focus on under-standing and follow memorizing after that.

Assess Your Work

– it is essential to know that the work you did has been fruitful or not. Hence, you must take an hour or a half to assess what you have studied. Roughly go through the chapter once more and jot down questions that you can frame. After doing so, reread the queries and try to think of how you would edge answers to them. If you find that you are do-ing good, then well done. If the case is opposite, try to read and understand the assignment writing topics you are getting defeated at.


It just takes one push, one step to start. The rest follows when you are committed to working. There is no tomorrow. You have just today. Start and execute, use your power from mind and body. You will succeed if you keep trying.