9 Facts About Writing That'll Make Your Hair Stand On End

In this writing world, some facts can make your hair stand on end whenever you know these about writing and writers.

  • It is observed across the world that most of the creative writers are right-handed as well as they are right-brained. Most of us know this fact that our brain has consisted of two hemispheres where the left portion only takes part in analytical tasks. Most of the creative writers are right-handed and have sky-touching visionary power and a range of imagination beyond our thinking level. Most of the persons are highly introverted in the study of the creative writer, story, or ghostwriter.

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  • According to MRI scanning reports, a writer's brain condition during the writing phase is the same as that of the sportsman during a sports match. Not the only similarity is found within a sportsman and a professional writer, but there are some fantastic factors in the brain between an armature and a professional writer. Armature writers think about an image before starting their writing. On the other hand, professional writers can hear their inner voice of words before beginning their book.

  • Most of the creative writers are highly unstable in their mental and personal lives, as creativity itself is a highly unstable one.

  • Isolation, as well as solitude environment or mental states, are everyday things for creative writers, whereas open personalities are highly analytical. Such natures give birth to a systematic writer.

  • Writer's block is a great debate for neuroscientists. In this way, if you are a professional writer but indifferent or disabled to type a single word, it's quite subtle. Actually, during a writing brain has to perform through making synchronization of experience, ideas, vision, imagination, information as well as representation. As a professional writer, when you have to use all of them frequently, you should be prepared for their blockages.

  • If you are a professional writer, your emotions will be more reliable than other persons. Trauma, mental shock, life experiences have the power to enhance your cognitive skills of writing. If you are going to be a professional writer, be ready to analyze and experience your outer world with an out-of-the-box perception.

  • Professional writers have some specific places for their thinking and writing. Except for those places, they can’t write accordingly.

  • Mogigraphia is a writer's cramp where writers experience figure muscle cramps.

  • Assignment Writing activities, as well as writers, are highly debated as they are the only professional persons who can utilize all of the four lobes of the brain to give fresh birth ideas through their pen.

  • Even all the professional writers have some fixed schedules for their writing. It means if you write 500 words in a day, that will be exactly 500. To maintain such a program, you may stop in the middle of a sentence also.

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